10 Best Action Thriller Series on Netflix

Best Action Thriller Series on Netflix

If you’re in the mood for a good action thriller series, Netflix has a couple of options for you. There are many different websites, for example, when you want to find something good to watch.

These series are typically thrillers, but each one deals with a different problem and poses a new question. They’re full of adrenaline and secrets and will have you on the edge of your seat for hours. Find out which one is your best action-thriller series on Netflix.

Netflix is an excellent source for choosing your next binge watch. There are definitely some classics, like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and The Crown. Each of these shows feature a compelling story, a gripping soundtrack, and a cast with acting chops. But what separates these shows from the pack is that they’re action thrillers. Action thrillers tell stories of intrigue, betrayal, and suspense. People who love a good action thriller should definitely try out the following shows.

10 Best Thriller Shows on Netflix Right Now 

You are looking for an action-packed series to watch to get your adrenaline pumping? What about a few good action-thriller series to add to your Netflix queue? These 10 action-thriller series all have an explosive start, a fast-paced plot, and a lot of action and suspense. With a variety of genres, these action-thriller series are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Whether you are looking for a new binge-worthy series to binge watch or are thinking about how to watch the latest and greatest action-thriller series, you are in luck.

These action-thriller series on Netflix will get your heart pumping, put you on the edge of your seat, and leave you sitting on the edge of your couch, wondering what will happen next.

1. The Sinner (2017)

The Sinner is one of the best action thriller series on Netflix. It is about a man who commits a sin for an insurance company and he wants to make amends for his sin. The protagonist is Michael. He is a man who is struggling with some dark secrets from his past. He has a lot of guilt and he is trying to make amends for his sin. The series is a wonderful example of what a well-written and well-made action thriller series should be.

2. Behind Her Eyes (2021)

One of my personal favorite that I can confidently say is one of the best action thriller TV series ever made is Behind Her Eyes. This series is set to make you feel uncomfortable, the way it should be, and the way it should make your heart race.

The story centers on the life of a doctor, May Warren, who has just been promoted to the head of the Department of Sleep and Dreams at the prestigious King Faisal Hospital. However, soon after her arrival, she starts to see disturbing and unsettling things happening to patients who are placed in her care. It’s safe to say that this series is not for the faint of heart.

3. Money Heist (2017) 

Money Heist (2017) is the best Action Thriller Series on Netflix with a thrilling and suspenseful story line that can keep you on the edge of your seat and eager to watch another episode. The main character, Alex, is an ex-con and a former thief who is now looking to steal the money and plans to do so by robbing a bank vault.

4. Shadow and Bone (2021)

Shadow and Bone is a Netflix Original Action Thriller Series. It stars Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams and is directed by award-winning English filmmaker Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. The show is set in the fictional world of the Bone Universe, a dark fantasy realm which has been described by show creator Daniel Waters as being inspired by Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings. A young girl must journey across the land to bring balance to the three realms of the Bone Universe.

5. Sweet Tooth (2021)

Sweet Tooth is an Action Thriller series about a strong female protagonist. Sophie is a former assassin that is now a detective. She is helped in her quest to find out who kidnapped her 10-year-old son from her apartment by a man who was once her mentor. The series is based in the future and the story is action-packed. The series has a lot of twists and turns

6. Reacher (2022)

Reacher is one of the most exciting and thrilling series on Netflix. It is an action thriller series that is filled with action and suspense. The series has everything you want in a great show. It is a show that you must watch. Reacher is a main character.

He is a former US Army Military Police officer with a mysterious past. He is strong and he is smart. He is a big guy, and he doesn’t take crap from anyone. Reacher is an action-packed, suspenseful, and fast-paced series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a series that is completely enjoyable and entertaining. It is a show that you will never get tired of watching. It will always be a show that you will look forward to watching. It is a show that is worth watching.

7. Cobra Kai (2018)

Cobra Kai (2018) is one of the the best action thriller series on Netflix. There are many action thriller series on Netflix, but none are as good as Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is a show about second chances, about redemption, and about revenge. It’s about Ken and Johnny, friends since childhood and rivals since high school. They were gold medal winners together and were once the best of friends, until a bad breakup, an epic fight, and a life-changing event changed their relationship forever. Now, they’ve both been seeking redemption, but it’s not until they cross paths again and are forced to face one another that they realize they might be more than just friends. In the end, they realize they might be brothers.

8. The Witcher (2019)

The Witcher is an action-packed, supernatural thriller that focuses on Geralt of Rivia, a witcher who struggles to find his place in a world that’s constantly in turmoil and where people struggle to remain sane in a place where monsters are real and everywhere.

The show is set in a dark and violent fantasy world where humans and monsters coexist. The show follows the dark story of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher. Witchers are monster hunters that use magic and special skills that they have trained themselves. The show is full of action and suspense. It is much more than a simple action thriller. It is also a show about magic and murder plots. The show has a lot of twists and turns that make it hard to predict what will happen next. The show is a must watch for all action thriller lovers.

9. Outer Banks (2020)

Set in the fictional town of Outer Banks, North Carolina, the series follows the journey of a young man who learns of his father’s disappearance while on vacation and sets out on a quest to find him and a treasure rumored to be linked to him. The series, which is written in the first-person voice of the protagonist, is set in a world where death is the ultimate prize for those who succeed at the game of life. The series has been optioned for a film series, with the first film, Outer Banks, released on Netflix in 2018.

10. The Walking Dead (2010)

The Walking Dead is a horror-drama television series developed by Frank Darabont and published by AMC. The series follows the path of the character Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma to discover that the world is inhabited by flesh-eating zombies and he’s no longer in Atlanta, but in a desolate and violent landscape.

The Walking Dead is the best Action Thriller Series on Netflix. There are still zombies, and there are still some human survivors, but the show is more focused on developing characters rather than action. It’s a great show that is worth your time, so give it a watch.


Action Thriller series are very popular. Many people are looking for and watching action movies on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for a good action thriller series to watch, Netflix has some of the best options. Here are 10 action thriller series that are available on Netflix to help you find the perfect action thriller to watch.

We hope you enjoyed our article of the 10 best action thriller series on Netflix! This blog post was meant to highlight the best of the best when it comes to action thriller series. We have compiled a list of the best action thriller series on Netflix. These series include Netflix originals and classics like Mission Impossible, Narcos, and Narcos.

With a boom in the genre of action thrillers, we felt it was important to discuss some of the best action thriller series that are currently on Netflix. For more information on other action thriller series on Netflix, check out our article at Rahi4u

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